Monday, April 13, 2015

Pun Chun Noodle House @ Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam

Recalling of today's noon time, during lunch time damn funny, my Project Manager asked me "Where do you want to have lunch?" Since he joined close to two months, I often bring him out to kopitiam for chinese food that I used to eat during ex-company in Shah Alam back dated in the year of 2010.

Pun Chun's Confectionery

Those days, I been complaining that Shah Alam always do not have any delicious Chinese food around, well it is totally wrong. After many years, today I returned back to Kota Kemuning to try out the original Pun Chun Noodle House from Bidor. Those days, you need to drive 2 hours journey to Bidor just to eat this, now you can actually go to Kota Kemuning (first outlet) or Ara Damansara (second outlet) or Setia Alam (third outlet) in Klang Valley for Pun Chun's signature dish.

From office in Subang Jaya to Kota Kemuning takes me about 20 min drive, as we stepped inside, crowded with people, time was close 1PM during lunch hour. We smell herbs around the shops, drooling me, fast fast place our orders before towards the peak period. The shop originally still remaining the same since 2010 until now, corner shop lot, spacious yet cozy with ceiling fans.

Signature Duck Drumstick Mee

My PM started to tell me about his history visiting the original shop in Bidor while waiting for our food to be serve. He just can't wait to eat the Signature dish Duck Drumstick Mee. There's two version either you can choose for the DRY or SOUP base in size of SMALL or LARGE portion. Both different in between RM1 only.

He recommended me on SOUP base instead of the dry version. Original handmade using wanton mee with Pun Chun family's secret recipe, their duck drumstick soup using double boiled with a lot Chinese traditional herbs that you cannot never taste in any place. Owner it's generous with the filling, you will ginger slices, dried wolberries, dried longan, mushrooms, green vegatables, daun bawang, and most important is the big piece of duck drumstick meat.

Handmade Wanton Mee

See, wanton noodles are very tiny and chewy, swimming with broth together, 100% handmade, that you never regret! Sipping it into mouth, with "sup" "sup" sound. Caution it's hot and will burn your tongue. The main part was the Duck Drumstick. Meat was easily tear out from skin and bone. Soft tender melting in your mouth and I love sipping broth till the end of the bowl! Big bowl cost RM8.80 while the small bowl cost about RM7.80. Yummy!

Duck Drumstick

I remember I ever eat Mushroom Chicken Feet Noodles and Char Siew Wan Tan noodles before. Their specialty never fail me at all. They also have Rempah Curry Chicken, ,Dry Curry Pork Rib, Curry Mee, Sweet & Sour Pork Trotter too. Beside that, you will able to get Pun Chun confectionary biscuits such as  Chicken Biscuit or ‘Kai Chai Peng’ (literally Little Chick Biscuit) & Shat Kek Ma. I grown up with these biscuits during my childhood time as I will always by pass Bidor town while I going back to Teluk Intan hometown.

Crispy Chicken Biscuits

Original Chicken Biscuits

Shat Kei Ma (Kill the Horse)

Lastly, I see my PM happily enjoying his noodles and also buying a few packets of ‘Kai Chai Peng’ (literally Little Chick Biscuit) & Shat Kek Ma back to office for tea time. Please do visit their official website for more info.

10, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla AC 31/AC,
40460, Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Contact Tel: 019-3206773
Operating hours: 6.30am to 4.00pm, DAILY

Official Website: