Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Jipangi @ Sunway Pyramid

I love to watch youtube video by Simon & Martina, features on Korean food quite some time ago. It's captures my attention when one of the famous Korean Ice-cream nested in Sunway Pyramid last December 2014. Jipangi in Korean means CANE dessert originally from Insa-dong South Korea which draws a lot attentions in local or international news lately.

Long queue after a week opening

Ice-cream came in a corn shape which very similar J-shaped  or is similar to a trumpet shape or stick (tongkat) shape etc. Simon & Martina in the youtube link below named it as "Penis" Ice-cream **Chuckle**  I can't help to laugh at first, it's really awkward, but please look at the positive side as this Ice-cream have it's own unique way in presentation style.

Creamy Vanilla at RM7

Jipangi well known as Korean traditional snack made from high quality corn flour fully imported from South Korea, which form into a big gigantic cane. Jipangi comes with two common flavors, Premium Chocolate and Creamy Vanilla at RM7 for each different flavors. You can either choose a single flavor or you even mixed both flavors together. Mixed flavors would RM9

After 1 week opening, I'm here =P

It's not an easy job, pumping Ice-cream into J-shaped would be a tedious way, require skillful work and patient. After watching how the's process and now it's time to try it out. Opppss, here's the awkward moment. Suck it up the Ice-cream from the upper part to prevent the ice-cream melting and leaking at the bottom part. Lastly I given a bite on the J-shape cone, it's crunchy fragrant with corn flavors. Ice-cream can stay at least an hour perfectly inside cone without soggy. I can walk around while enjoying, but be sure you finish within in an hour because it's will be messy all over your hand when Ice-cream start melting. I prefer vanilla than chocolate, because I'm a fan of vanilla instead of chocolate, plus vanilla pair well with corn stick =P

Americano RM8

Beside Ice-Cream, Jipangi do serve drinks as well. Their best sellers drinks are mostly coffee. I love coffee thus I opted Americano, one of the Korean Dutch Cold Brews which you should try, roasted from premium beans imported from Korea. Cold and refreshing fragrant with coffee aroma. They do have Latte, Mocha and Caramel coffee too. Jipangi located at LG2 near AEON Jusco, next to The Loaf Bakery.

Watch below video FAPFA by Simon & Martina on the Jipangyi Ice-Cream. Hehehe! Funny!

Jipangi Sunway Pyramid
Lot LG2.75A
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
46150 Bandar Sunway, Selangor.
Business Hours: 10am - 10pm Daily
Contact: 03-7782 9201
Website: www.jipangi.asia
Facebook: fb.com/jipangi.my
Instagram: @jipangi.my