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Thursday, August 11, 2011


I came across Tekkaus Blog this morning when he shared on twitter regarding "How To Repeat Youtube Videos Automatically?". Sound ineteresting, I been looking for solution all the while if there is any button which I can press to repeat the songs. I don't deny that I'm too lazy to click on play button in order to re-play back  my favorite song. Thanks to Tekkaus for sharing out this useful information.

I have very simple steps to show you all.... how you can actually repeated your favorite songs.
Let see the step details below:-

!) Select your favorite song video on Youtube
1) Press Play button on your favourite youtube video.
3) Use the mouse point to the URL address that you're playing.
4) Type word "repeater" beside and press Enter button.
5) Your webpage change to YouTubeRepeater

Use the mouse point to the URL address that you're playing.

 Type word "repeater" beside and press Enter button.
Your webpage change to YouTubeRepeater

See the different between YouTube and YouTubeRepeater

So now you can enjoy your favorite song with YouTubeRepeater. Enjoy and have a nice day ahead. Don't need to have troublesome to download and always need to press play button to repeat again and again.


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