Sunday, September 25, 2011

Register as voter!!

This is first time I register as voter. Everyone was talking about do your right! You must vote it. Coming along so far, previously I didn't register because my address registered in hometown. It's hard for me to take leave back to vote after I started to work in KL, but this year coincident my IC chip spoil, no choice but to changed my new IC at Putrajaya early this year for banking purpose. Since changing new IC, I updated the latest current mailing address.

First time I registered my vote in Subang Parade, after more than a few months, follow up at SPR website, disappointing that my name it not listed. Wondering what's strong.. try to asked around they give me the answer "tunggu". I'm wondering wait until when??

Friend's concern asked me re-register again at post office. This time quick registration took me about 10min, with computerized system. Key in data into database, printed out and sign form only. The original form I'm keeping as references in the future. I hope this time my name is listed...

Have you done your part yet? Please register today ... You can make a different!! Register now...

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